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  • The Libra Project

    The Libra Project's mission is to design and build renewable, clean energy projects in developing economies.


    Our intent is to address fundamental human needs, significantly improve the quality of life and contribute to social and economic development. Our rationale lies in a deeply embedded notion that environmentally sound growth strategies will enable developing societies to produce educated and capable human talent, that will intellectually elevate their communities and propel humankind into a sustainable future.


    Libra’s management team has deep renewable energy, power engineering, construction and investment experience in developing markets, where it aims to be a focused investor, developer, and deliverer of clean and sustainable energy assets. - Changing the future of the world for the better.

  • Why we do what we do.

    Please see our short video, it helps explain everything.

  • The Libra Fund

    Impact Investing - Your money, making a difference.

    Fund Objective

    For far too long hedge funds have been all about returning profit, no matter how and at whatever cost, often with little or no thought as to the sustainability of the underlying assets, and how these investments will impact the world in the long term. Most funds are driven by greed and profit rather than a desire to change the world for the better.


    Impact investing is a term that we expect to start hearing a lot more of in future. An impact investment fund manager primary goal is understanding what effect investing in a project or company will have on the environment, lives, and education of those living and working in the project area. The fund's goal is making the world a better place through investing in projects that will change the lives of many for the better in a way that is sustainable and ecologically enhancing.


    The Libra Fund has been designed as a vehicle to raise capital to directly invest in projects that have been developed by the Libra Energy management team. With the primary focus on how clients investments will benefit and change the world for the better leaving a lasting legacy as well as making investors in the fund great returns.

    Investment Philosophy

    The Libra Fund Management’s novel approach to investment management is based on the idea that value can be extracted during all phases of a potential asset’s development, construction and operation. Conventional energy funds tend to buy out operating cashflow positive assets and in doing so end up paying for the developer’s, consultant’s, contractor’s and broker’s profits leaving little to no space for added value. Libra Energy Management brings exceptional technical acumen to the table in order to develop potential assets after carrying out in-depth techno - economic studies, value engineering and efficient operations techniques and methodologies. Our aim is to deliver high - performing clean power infrastructural projects and paying developer’s prices to do so, effectively increasing yields and generating real tangible value.

    Target Market

    The Libra Energy Management’s investments will be focused in what we perceive are the world’s fastest growing and stable markets, namely the GCC, Southeast Asia, and East Africa. Off-takers of produced energy will be restricted to either sovereign governments or high creditworthy multinational companies. These markets will be addressed by funds raised into different LP’s that will target opportunities developed by Libra Energy Management to the shovel-ready stage of maturity. These opportunities will fall into the below categories.
    Libra Energy Management intends initially to target a portfolio of assets up to a capacity of approximately 50MW for the first investment phase (the first LP), and 150MW for the second phase (subsequent LP’s), numbers are however subject to change based on project opportunities and fundraising ability within the separate LP’s. Each LP will be construed keeping in mind exposures to Off-Takers, Technology and Market Dynamics with Libra Energy Management ensuring the right mix of assets designed to mitigate risk and create value through higher-than-market yields.

  • Our Current Projects

    Please see our current projects - We have many more awaiting investment.

    14.8 MW Hydro-Electric Power Station.

    Palawan, Philippines.

    Electricity production in Palawan is entirely diesel/bunker fueled and is served by fixed and temporary generation facilities, many of which are very old. Current demand on the Palawan backbone grid is approximately 26MW at peak and is forecast to continue growing both over the short and long-term. There is now a strong economic case for developing the Langogan scheme in order to reduce substantial government subsidies in fuel costs, supported by the environmental benefit of reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions through substitution of renewable energy. PALECO, the distribution utility operating in Palawan, has executed an Electricity Supply Agreement (ESA) with LPC in September 2015 for both the Langogan 6.8MW HEPP and the following Narra 8.0MW HEPP, with a contingency for the later Aborlan 3.5MH HEPP Initial electricity supply is planned for 2018. For more information please download our factsheet.

    Waste Heat Recovery Power Station in

    Fujairah - United Arab Emirates.

    Waste heat recovery technology will be used to capture flue gasses from a 6000tpd cement plant in Fujairah to generate 8 MW of electricity. The project will convey substantial benefits to the local economy as currently, Fujairah has a power capacity deficit of over 300 MW which significantly delays growth projects due to lack of available power. Furthermore, the system will contribute to significantly mitigate and offset the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions as well as the company’s cost per ton of clinker. The off-taker is a well known and established multinational company with over 150 years history in the cement industry and a spotless credit rating (S&P A-2). For more details please download our factsheet

    30 MW Solar Project.


    Under Renewable Purchase Obligation program (RPO), Government mandates the minimum percentage that large power consumers need to purchase from renewable energy (RE) source and has been put in place promote the RE sector. Cement factories in India, as part of the RPO program, are mandated to source 0.5% of their energy from renewable energy sources. The investments are guaranteed under the RPO program so that in the event that the consumer stopping its activity, the power will still be purchased by the local utilities. For more information please download our factsheet.

    80 MW Wind Project.


    Details to follow - Watch this exciting space.

  • Libra Project Asset Management Team

    Worldwide experts driving change forward.

    Hans Fraikin

    Chief Executive Officer

    With over twenty-three years in the motion picture industry, Hans has worked in a number of international cities around the world, including Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, and Montreal.


    He was recently the founding Managing Director and Film Commissioner of the Quebec Film and Television Council. Under his nine-year stewardship, the QFTC generated over $1.5 billion in inward investment with titles such as Smurfs, 300 and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3-D, and companies such as Warner Bros, Disney, and Lionsgate.


    Prior to this, Hans was Director of European Operations for Telefilm Canada, the Canadian Federal Film Funding Agency.


    Stepping out of the Film industry during the dot-com bubble, Hans was partner and head of European business development with ViaCarla Networks, a web-based software and networking services start-up based in Barcelona. The company successfully raised two financing rounds and became the first European analogue-digital photo-lab ASP.


    Mr. Fraikin commenced his career with Twentieth Century Fox International, distributing over 100 feature films including Titanic, Braveheart and the 20th Anniversary digital release of the Star Wars trilogy.


    Hans was a Board Member of the AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International), and his Industry awards include Twentieth Century Fox’s Best Worldwide Marketing Campaign for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and an Industry Box Office Record for ID4: Independence Day.


    Presently, Hans is the CEO of start-up ProdCo Madrigal Pictures. He is also a regular guest-lecturer at the HEC (Haute Études Commerciales) MBA program and is a Board Member of the Canadian Business Council of Abu Dhabi.


    LinkedIn Profile

    Stratos Artopoulos

    Chief Operations Officer

    A hands-on business leader, graduate of the George Washington University (DC), with over twenty years of multicultural and international exposure in the Finance and Renewables industry, across the United States (US), Europe, Middle-East and Asia.


    He has collaborated with investment banks in the European Union (EU) and US (i.e. Bear Sterns, Meryl Lynch, Royal Scandia), while he simultaneously developed, built and managed RES assets and networks in SE Europe for the past decade.

    Alexander Alzamora

    Project Director & Founding Partner

    A renewable energy veteran with over ten years of international experience and over fifty MW of projects developed, installed and delivered on a wide range of diverse technologies ranging from solar to geothermal CoGen Systems. Alexander has collaborated with blue chip companies such as Lafarge-Holcim, JK Group, IHG and Accor International leading energy efficiency and water efficiency/recovery projects.

    · Developed over 30 MW of Solar plants in Greece.

    · Designed the first geothermal cogeneration plant in Greece.

    · Designed a 6000,3/day desalination system for one of the UAE’s leading marquee landmarks.

    · Developed over 12 MW of waste-heat recovery projects for Lafarge-Holcim.

  • The Board of Directors

    A world class team of experience.

    Terence Bolden

    Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founding Partner

    Terence L. Bolden is an entrepreneur and has successfully been a partner or sole owner of five successful startups including the pioneering company, SebaiCMET, Incorporated. SebaiCMET was the first company in the US to successfully test a Marine Hydrokinetic Energy system on the floor of the ocean in the US in 2009. Terence has more than twenty-eight years of experience in the management of multi-million-dollar capital improvement projects as well as grants administration for large government programs including Brownfields and large subdivisions and housing developments totaling more than $500 million in value. Terence has negotiated agreements with NASA, the Kennedy Space Center, Smart City Dubai, the Florida Institute of Technology, Masdar Institute of Technology and the Conrad Foundation totaling millions of dollars in contractual obligations.


    Terence has been at the forefront of combined technological and design solutions to spur sustainable development for Solar, Wind and Ocean Energy projects as well as food production technologies. Over the course of his career, he has dedicated his talents toward environmentally sustainable work that target big human need areas such as food, water, energy and housing programs. He has worked on 5 continents and is a well-respected international business expert based in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. He is also the principal stakeholder in two companies in the United States that develop technologies for renewable energy and water as well food solutions. He also is the head of a successful consulting business under the umbrella of his holding company, TLB Enterprises Group Holding.


    A certified in Construction Inspector through Texas A & M Extension Service and a certified Grants Administrator, with a background and degree in organizational management, he is a recognized expert in the area of environmental sustainability projects. He serves on the Board several organizations that spanning aviation and aerospace educational and career opportunities for young people to renewable energy technologies. Terence owns the distributorship rights for food solutions in six East and West African countries marketing an innovative technology that can produce an acre of food in three hundred and twenty square feet of space utilizing a food container system. Terence has worked on projects to secure funding through IRENA, the US Department of Energy, US Housing and Urban Development, US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Import/Export Bank as well as private funding partners over the years.



    Peter Fusaro

    Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

    Peter C. Fusaro is a best-selling author, keynote speaker and thought leader on emerging energy and environmental technology and financial markets. Peter is Chairman of Global Change Associates, an advisory firm in New York City, and is the bestselling author of What Went Wrong at Enron as well as fifteen other books on energy and the environmental financial markets. He has been on the forefront of energy and environmental change for over forty years focusing on how to use energy more efficiently and in an environmentally benign manner. His current focus is on environmental financial market acceleration focuses on low carbon economy through sustainable finance in renewable energy, clean technology, and carbon finance. Peter was a partner in Energy & Environment Capital Partners, a cleantech venture capital fund in 2002-2003. His focus today is on accelerating renewable energy development and energy efficiency deployment for the transition to a clean energy economy.


    Peter was previously Senior Vice President and Head of Energy Consulting at ABB Finance Services, Principal Analyst for Petroleos de Venezuela (USA) Corp, Senior Policy Analyst in the NYC Mayor’s Energy & Telecommunications office and held several policy positions in the US Department of Energy in Washington D.C.


    Peter’s latest book was published in May 2010 by Oxford University Press in Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation: New Investment Techniques. Peter has been selected for Who’s Who in America for 2007-2017 and Who’s Who in the World for 2009-2017. He coined the term “Green Trading” and holds the annual Wall Street Green Summit in New York XVI each spring (www.wsgts.com) which focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean technology and impact investing.


    Peter graduated with an MA in international relations from Tufts University and a BA from Carnegie-Mellon University. Peter has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University where he taught a renewable energy project development and finance course each fall semester. He is on the advisory board of Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability and was on the External Advisory Board of the ERB Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, Ross School of Business, at the University of Michigan for eight years.



    Peter is the advisor to several cleantech startups as well as a judge in the Northeast Cleantech Open. He is a member of the advisory boards of Clean Energy Advisors (PV solar finance), Terra Global Solutions (Microfinance), Grid Market (energy storage), Global Sourcing Council (supply chain sustainability), SJF Expert Network (cleantech VC), and Atmos Air Solutions (indoor air quality appliance).

    LinkedIn Profile

    James Spence

    Founding Partner & Member of the Board of Directors

    With ten years working in the financial industry, James is the Assistant Vice President of Globaleye based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and is a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Globaleye is one of the largest Independent Financial brokerages in the world, with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, USA, Switzerland, Russia and the Middle East with over 1.2 billion USD under management. James himself manages over 40m USD on behalf of his private clients.


    As a wealth manager, James has been investing in the renewables space for a number of years and is passionate about leading the financial markets towards an Impact Investment Model.


    James is a member of the Royal Engineers Association in the middle east (REAME) which is the largest REA group outside of the UK, as a former Bomb Disposal operative in the British Army, James spends much of his time as part of a support group for ex-servicemen. As part of James' charity work, he has run 35 marathons and even climbed to base camp Everest, raising hundreds of thousands for various charities around the world.


    LinkedIn Profile

    Leon Jacobs

    Member of the Board of Directors

    Ennis Leon Jacobs, Jr. has practiced law in Tallahassee, Florida since 1987, with an extensive and lengthy background in both the private and public sectors. He specializes in energy, administrative, environmental, estate, trust, guardianship and public utility law. He is a graduate of Florida A&M University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Technology and Data Processing.


    In his first career, Mr. Jacobs worked in information technology at the Eastman Kodak Company in Rochester, NY, and at the RCA Corporation in Cherry Hill, NJ. He later pursued and was awarded a law degree from the Florida State University College of Law, after which he served as staff counsel at the Florida Public Service Commission, as Assistant Attorney General at the Florida Attorney General’s Office, and as Staff Counsel with the Florida Legislature.

    In 1998, Governor Lawton Chiles, Sr. appointed Mr. Jacobs to serve on the Florida Public Service Commission, for a term lasting from 1998 until 2002, including service as Chairman in 2001. During his tenure, Mr. Jacobs served as on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (“NARUC”), and also as President of the Southeast Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners. He further served as Chairman of the NARUC Committee on Consumer Affairs, on the NARUC Committee on Electricity, and on the Governor’s Florida 2020 Energy Task Commission. Subsequently, Mr. Jacobs was appointed by Governor Charlie Crist to serve as a member of the Florida Elections Commission.

    After leaving government service, Mr. Jacobs has represented the Natural Resources Defense Council, The Sierra Club, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association in court and before regulatory agencies on issues related to clean energy, and presently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Inc. He has additionally served as legal counsel to SebaiCMET, Inc., a developer of ocean energy technology.

    Leon is a Certified Circuit Civil Mediator in Florida.

  • Advisory Committee

    Our Advisory committee is passionate about creating change.

    Brandi Colander

    Brandi Colander is the Associate Vice President of Natural Resources and Energy at the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Prior to joining NWF, Colander served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary to the Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management at the United States Department of the Interior. In this role, she advanced regulations for the nation’s four energy development bureaus. Before receiving her Presidential Appointment to the Department, Colander worked at a young start-up company, Opower, as their Director of Market Development and Regulatory Affairs managing a regional team to expand their market in the Northeast and Canada.


    Colander began her career in public service as the Deputy General Counsel for the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). CEQ is charged with upholding the tenets of the National Environmental Policy Act and facilitating interagency coordination among federal agencies in the development of environmental and energy policies and initiatives. During this time she advised principals and staff on legal aspects of CEQ actions, statutory and regulatory interpretations, drafted Executive Orders and Presidential Memoranda in coordination with cooperating agencies, represented the Council in advancing the Administration’s infrastructure efforts set forth in the President’s Executive Order, and assisted in the resolution of interagency disputes regarding energy, the environment and natural resources.


    Prior to joining the Executive Office of the President, Colander was an attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an international environmental non-profit with over 400 scientists, attorneys and 1.3 million members headquartered in New York City. Working with NRDC’s Air & Energy group, her expertise in energy policy focuses on industry restructuring and utility regulation, energy efficiency, the “smart grid” and renewable energy programs – specifically offshore wind. In this role, Colander also served as the project manager of the Facebook/NRDC/Opower social energy initiative to enhance energy literacy and influence energy consumption behavior and greenpowernyc.com, a website developed to enable New York City resident to purchase renewable energy through renewable energy credits.


    Colander earned her Master’s degree at Yale University, Juris Doctor at Vermont Law School and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. She serves on the board of Yale University ‘s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

    Farha Musa

  • Legal Advisors

    Outstanding world wide legal guidance.

    P.V. Sheheen - Managing Partner

    Lawyer, Goodwins Law. Member of the Advisory Committee

    Managing Partner of Goodwins Law Corporation, a prominent Corporate Lawyer living in the United Arab Emirates for more than twenety-five years. Sheheen has fifteen years experience with another law firm and has currently spent five years as a Managing Partner with Goodwins Law. Sheheen is heading a team of legal professionals from different jurisdictions and has wide exposure to all practical aspects of corporate/commercial laws in the UAE. He has advised a range of international and locally based corporate clients, financial institutions and public bodies on a variety of corporate projects and finance matters in the United Arab Emirates.


    Sheheen has been advising number of banks, multi-national companies, national conglomerates, airlines, embassies, insurance companies and government departments in UAE on a regular basis. He heads a team of legal experts having in-depth knowledge in all practical aspects of corporate/commercial laws in the United Arab Emirates, which includes Civil and Commercial Transactions, Construction, Intellectual Property, as well as Arbitration Rules of International Chamber of Commerce and Regional Arbitration Centres. In addition, he has in-depth knowledge of Islamic Shariah from the authentic sources of Qu’ran and Hadith.

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    We currently have 8 members of our team in the UAE working to make this happen.




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