Worldwide one out of every seven people every day wakes up to a world where they have no electricity and little to no hope for a future in which they will have power that will allow them to put food in their refrigerator, provide electricity for their children to study at night, and to have enough energy to provide clean hot sanitary water for their family. This is wrong and Libra Project is committed to disrupt this terrible reality. Later this year, Libra will release its 'Improve 100 Million Lives' roadmap which will detail how Libra will provide electricity to 100 million people and empower them to escape poverty by 2030. 


To learn more about our commitment to improve 100 million lives, click on our corporate video .

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Libra Project will soon release its blockchain-secured platform. The platform combines the principles and accountability standards of Impact Investing with the security and trust delivered by Libra Project’s blockchain ecosystem. 


The platform will empower tens of millions of people worldwide to enter a blockchain-secured platform, which can be used to review our projects and vote on which renewable energy projects should be developed next. Our unique governance model ensures that Libra’s resources are invested in community projects that have the most pressing needs for renewable solutions.


Furthermore, our blockchain platform will reduce the cost of project funding thus increasing the amount of available capital to be invested in our renewable energy projects across Southeast Asia and East Africa.


Click on the videos to the right and learn more about what blockchain is and how it improves business efficiency and productivity.  




At the core of Libra Project’s business model and philosophy is the adherence to the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. The 17 goals are included in the graphic to the left.

Libra Project works every day to add value and improve the lives of people through creating impact that is sustainable and benefits as many people as possible.

Libra Project daily directly addresses five of the UN’s 17 SDGs. Click on the scorecard below to see which of the 17 SDGs we integrate daily in our work and the benefit they create. To learn more about our commitment to improve 100 million lives, click on our corporate video.



The four principles underlying the 17 SDGs are:


SDGs must be open to all countries worldwide;


SDGs must integrate social, economic, and environmental benefit that are sustainable;

Leave no one behind

SDGs must be available to and benefit all people of all cultures, genders, and economic classes so nobody is left behind; and


SDGs should encourage everyone to participate.

At Libra Project, we honor the four pillars daily in our work. Click on our corporate video to learn more.




Libra Project is a proud member of the GIIN. GIIN stands for the Global Impact Investment Network which is the world’s largest not for profit impact investment organization. The organization spans 35 countries, 229-member institutions, and its members generated nearly $8 trillion dollars in impact investment during 2018.


A firm adopter of impact investment standards, Libra Project is committed to improve the environmental and social quality of the communities in which we operate our plants. By improving the environment and providing electricity to people who do not have it, Libra can help improve the lives of millions of people.


To learn more about what impact investing is, click on the video to the left and watch GIIN's chairman detail how impact investing is improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide while it is improving the environment and societies as well.



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