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The world’s first private democratized and tokenized green utility, Libra Project develops, funds, maintains, and operates renewable energy plants across nearly two dozen countries in Southeast Asia and East Africa that meet Libra’s impact investment and operational performance requirements.


Three key points differentiate Libra Project from the red ocean of companies developing renewable energy projects.


  • Energy Guarantee: Libra provides a 95% energy performance guarantee for every project it develops,

  • Real-time Access & Monitoring: Libra leverages its blockchain secured energy management platform to optimize the energy efficiency and performance of each of its projects. Clients and investors are able to access the platform 24/7/365 and see the real-time performance of their projects,

  • Libra is committed to impact investing and to improve the lives of 100 million people by 2030, Libra Project maintains two business units.

The first unit secures multi-year purchase power agreements with industrial manufacturing companies to develop, fund, maintain, and operate renewable energy plants that provide lower cost power than the manufacturers can receive from their local grid operators. These projects often are waste heat recovery, biomass, waste-to-energy, and solar projects. By providing renewable energy to industrial manufacturers – often the largest volume electricity consumers in Libra markets, Libra reduces the distribution stress most grid operators encounter. Libra requests of the local grid operators that the freed-up grid capacity each project creates should be distributed to communities that lack safe, affordable electricity. Hence, Libra’s projects result in grid operators redistributing grid electricity to tens of thousands of people that previously had no power.

To learn more about our company and our mission, click here to view our corporate video.

The second business unit secures multi-year purchase power agreements from rural municipal governments in markets where governments have a proven track record of paying bills on time while maintaining a credit rating acceptable to Libra’s funding committee. These renewable energy projects often are biomass, waste to energy, or solar projects, for which 100% of the power is dedicated to local communities that lack safe, consistent, and affordable electricity.

By mid-2019, Libra will launch its regulated impact token and blockchain secured platform which will enable any investor anywhere in the world to channel their savings efficiently and safely into Libra’s impact investment projects by using the transparency and security of blockchain technology (each person must meet our KYC and AML regulatory compliance requirements) for as little as $100.




Libra Project  is committed to improve the quality of life of 100 million people in the communities in which we operate our power plants by 2030. After all, everyone on this planet has the right to clean drinking water, electricity, and fresh food.


We will leverage impact investment standards with the benefits and certainty our blockchain technology platform delivers to reduce the barriers and costs to fund and develop renewable energy plants where they are needed most. Anyone, anywhere, not just the upper most 1% of the world, should have access to invest in renewable energy projects should they so desire.​



Libra Project’s ownership and management believe in a future where investments are not only judged by profits but by the positive impact they create and sustain environmentally and socially.


At the heart of this philosophy is Libra’s adherence to the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. While Libra Project supports all 17 SDGS of the UN, Libra Project through its work daily addresses directly five of the 17 SDGs. By doing so, Libra improves the environment by reducing the creation of CO2 while it embeds the sustainable generation of clean energy in the communities in which it operates its electricity plants.


Libra Project also creates sustainable, meaningful jobs in the communities in which it operates its plants.

An important part of this philosophy requires Libra Project to partner with EPCs, contractors, equipment manufacturers, and service providers in the countries in which Libra Project operates. This assures local companies in the countries Libra Project operates benefit.




The Libra Project management team is comprised of multi-sector experts with experience in several industries with social impact as our common denominator.


The team has more than two decades of expertise garnered from developing, funding, and operating renewable energy projects across the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Our team’s experience traverses solar (PV and solar thermal), waste heat recovery (SRC and ORC), biomass, and waste-to-energy plants.

Hans Fraikin

Founder, Director & CEO

25 years’ senior management and marketing experience, based in 13 countries on 3 continents, Hans has been country head for Twentieth Century Fox, director of a Canadian Crown Corporation, and as CEO of the QFTC, a Montreal Public-Private Partnership, generated $1.6 Billion of inward investment. Hans initiated the Sustainable Production Program with Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.

Edmund Connolly


22 years of experience in strategic planning and growing sales organizations across 40 countries.  Ed has generated $150 Million in renewable energy project sales over the past four years across Africa, Asia and the GCC, and has already brought to Libra Project a pipeline of $120 Million worth of Clean Energy infrastructure projects. Ed has an MBA from Thunderbird.

Salvador Penano

Sales and Project Management Consulting Manager

With 18 years experience working as a senior project manager for projects USD $5Mn-$50 Mn in plants across Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Salvador has a BScECE and is a certified Capex Project Management Practitioner (Capital Expenditures on Large Scale Projects, Project Management Approach, and Project Portfolio Management)

Roland Nash

Energy Technology Manager

With 23 years’ experience leading application technology development in manufacturing, process and energy automation with global technology, Roland has, since 2013, been focused on applied IoT technologies and sustainable energy projects in solar PV water pumping, power quality, HVAC and refrigeration system energy cost optimisation.



Hans Fraikin

Founder, Director & CEO

25 years’ senior management and marketing experience, based in 13 countries on 3 continents, Hans has been country head for Twentieth Century Fox, director of a Canadian Crown Corporation, and as CEO of the QFTC, a Montreal Public-Private Partnership, generated $1.6 Billion of inward investment. Hans initiated the Sustainable Production Program with Universal Pictures and Warner Bros.

James Spence

Co-Founder & Director

10 years’ experience in the financial industry, including VP of GlobalEye financial services, where he manages over $50 million on behalf of private clients. James is a member of the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute), and a pioneering investor in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces.

He is also active in the environmental scene in the United Arab Emirates.

Alexander Alzamora

Co-Founder & Director

10 years' international renewable energy experience, developing over 50 MW of clean-energy projects including solar, waste-heat recovery, water efficiency and the first geothermal cogeneration plant in Greece.

Designed a 6000, 3/day desalination system in the UAE and developed over 12 MW of waste-heat recovery projects for Lafarge-Holcim.



Libra Project maintains an advisory committee which includes some unique, highly skilled leaders in renewable energy as well as environmental, financial, social, and economic sustainability. Libra Project leverages the vision and expertise of its advisory committee members whenever possible to improve the reach and impact of Libra Project’s resources in an unending mission to provide electricity to and improve the quality of life of 100 million people by 2030.


Some of our advisory committee members include those listed below.

Gus Schellekens

ESG & Sustainability Advisor

Building on a 30-year consulting career that has been focused on developing and delivering large programmes of work with private and public sector organizations globally, Gus these days works with clients to deliver the sustainability agenda for people, cities, and infrastructure. Over the past 10 years, he has also worked closely with clients across the Middle East and North Africa region to address the integration of sustainability into long-term business strategy and growth plans, to support the development of renewable energy projects, to encourage the assimilation and assurance of financial information with environmental, social and governance information in company reports, and to help organizations understand the real cost their activities have on the economy, environment, and society.


Gus has a BSc (Hons) Biology with Oceanography from Southampton University, UK, an MSc in Management Science from Imperial College, London, UK, and a Certificate in International Business (part), from New York University, USA.

Suki Biring  

Finance and Accounting Advisor

A solution-orientated business partner with over 20 years’ experience in driving financial and commercial strategy
to meet key objectives in fast-paced international environments.


With a successful track record across corporate finance leadership, finance function management, and project delivery, Suki is adept at system development and business process redesign. Following the successful completion of the London Olympic Village, Suki delivered effective change management in two of the top 10 locations for leading Oil and Gas engineering firm Worley Parsons in UK and China.

Over the past 4 years Suki manages all aspects of financial reporting and compliance of a complex funding structure for multiple concurrent projects worth USD 1.5bn.


Suki is ACCA qualified and also holds a honors degree in Management Science and an MBA in International Finance.

Edwin Lee

Securities Advisor

A Corporate Finance Executive with over 25 years experience in the financial services arena, Edwin began his career with a top international advisory firm and is a qualified CPA from Canada. An executive who has a proven track record of private equity raising across Canada, the Middle East, and Asia, Edwin was a co founder of a merchant bank and has sat on Boards of various publicly listed companies. Edwin is an active executive member of numerous businesses from diversified sectors, one of them being in the environmental and alternative energy sector.

Edwin has extensive experience in the successful beginning to end execution of Digital Securities Offerings, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and mergers and acquisitions.

Anessa Allen Santos

Legal Advisor

Attorney Anessa Allen Santos specializes in providing business development and legal counsel to technology companies worldwide with a focus on blockchain and fintech, corporate transactions, intellectual property, and securities. A former adjunct law professor, Anessa is a frequent guest lecturer for the Florida Bar Association and at select Universities, conferences and seminars on the intersection of law and emerging technology issues.  Voted among Orlando's Legal Elite, Anessa mentors Orlando's technology accelerator, “Starter Studio”.  She is a Director on the Board of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, and is an active member of the Computer Law and Technology Committee, the Blockchain and Digital Currency Taskforce and the Technology Law Committee of the Florida Bar Association.   Anessa has formally studied Blockchain Strategies and FinTech at the University of Oxford where she is an alumna of Saïd Business School. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton and a Bachelor’s in International Diplomacy from Wright State University.  



Libra Project maintains active operations and/or is committed to develop renewable energy projects across the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia as well as across the East African countries of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, Comoros, Madagascar and Tanzania.


Demand for renewable energy in these markets is greater than any markets worldwide. Each of these markets assures 4% or more GDP growth annually, 2% or more population growth annually, and 15% or more expansion in grid  capacity annually.



We are pleased to review new project opportunities as well as explore developing relationships with new potential EPC, PMC, and/or project partners. If you would like Libra Project to review a project you want to develop, contact us.


We will be pleased to review the project and determine a way Libra Project and you can work together.

Click here to download the reports.


Commitment to


In today’s world, far too many companies, individuals etc. invest merely with a focus to earn a profit. Far too few companies and people invest with a purpose to improve the quality and longevity of life of others while earning a profit.


We believe you can do good for the planet and good for society while doing good for your wallet.


While every project we develop provides power to industry or urban and/or rural communities that lack safe, reliable, affordable electricity, our projects also improve the underlying economic, environmental, and social foundation of each community in which we operate our plants. This is our core competency. Hence our membership in the Global Impact Investment Network.


To learn more about impact investing and how impact investing benefits investors and society alike, click here.



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